So what exactly is Cold Case? Where did it come from?

Cold Case is my first venture with the source engine. The story of its existence is actually quite an interesting one. After REO1 (Resident Evil Outbreak 1) for the mod Sven Co-Op, I quickly began following it up with REO2. This would be the second part of the series. It featured a mansion and a facility that was overgrown with plants. It also featured numerous bosses and was my most ambitious map yet. However, at that time there was very little progress with the mod and I simply abandoned the map all-together. I attempted to update the map to source by making it compatible for mods such as Zombie Master and No More Room In Hell. Sadly both of which saw similar development fates. Over time the map simply left my thought and I forgot about it. After the release of Left 4 Dead I began gaining interest for an idea which I could not do in previous maps. An entire explorable island featuring such places as a jail, a military base, labs, a dense forest, and an abandoned facility deep within the woods. I decided to devote my sculpture degree to exploring more of the digital arts and I began creating what is now Cold Case. I quickly began development of a small campaign using SDK content, and parts of my old map REO2. I submitted it to the largest scholarship my art department offered and won! The only stipulation was that at the end of the year I would need to hold an exhibition featuring this campaign, and numerous other sculptures I have been developing over the years.

So, basically Cold Case began as a hyper-evolved mesh of some SDK content and old maps that I am going to use as my main piece at this exhibition. I also hope to use this as experience to obtain a job in the video game industry.

Yeah right, like you REALLY did such a massive campaign. What a clever rouge!

Hey, if you don't believe the campaign is this complete, check out the news on numerous gaming websites. Or track down one of my numerous betatesters, and they will tell you it is complete :P.

What is this release party I am hearing about?

The Release party is to celebrate my trademark day for releasing content; Halloween. When I approached my university about obtaining high-end displays and computers to show off my campaign in its various stages, I found out there was no such equipment. This left me in a very terrible position. I have to hold an exhibition showcasing artwork with absolutely no way to run or display it. My solution to this is to hold a large online release party. With the help of various student organizations, I will attempt to raise the funds needed to buy the necessary equipment. After promoting the event at home, many local businesses expressed interest in supporting my event. Within the next few weeks I hope to get sponsorship from stores such as Game Stop, Valve, and Best Buy.

Currently, I am only supporting my ONLINE RELEASE PARTY, which will be over MIRC.

Raise funds? Isn't what your releasing copy written material? How much will this event cost to attend?

Let me first say COLD CASE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED FREE OF CHARGE! On Halloween night, my campaign will be uploaded to numerous file sharing sites. What I will be selling are tickets to my event. By purchasing these tickets, you will receive the following:

- 11X17 Campaign poster
- Campaign T-Shirt
- Chance to win numerous prizes!

How much?

25$ (plus S&H) if you want a T-Shirt and poster. 20$ if you just want to attend, (and try for the prizes).

Prizes? what prizes?

With each ticket you purchase, you are automatically entered into a drawing for lots of fantastic prizes. Over the next few weeks, I will finalize what these prizes are. As of right now, some of the possible prizes will include:

- T-Shirts
- Copies of L4D2
- Gift cards to GameStop
- High-end sculptural computer cases
- External Hard-Drives
- Gaming PC's, and components
- Consoles, (Wii, 360, etc)

Prizes will be determined closer to the event based on sponsorships and turnout. A current detailed list is located in the EVENTS section of the site.

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