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Welcome to the official site of Cold Case, a highly innovative L4D campaign created by mrfranswa. Here you can learn more about the campaign, download it, keep up with the latest development news, browse a collection of screenshots and in-game video footage, and participate in discussion.

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Cold Case Redux?!

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 22 Mar 2010 18:35

There has been a lot of questions lately about creating a new version of Cold Case, especially for Left 4 Dead 2.

I just wanted to say thanks to all of the community members and their support over the months. However, the current version of Cold Case is the only one which will be released. This is due to a number of factors which I can't get into. However, over the next few months I will be releasing new titles for Left 4 Dead which will hopefully encompass the spirit of unique game play.

For future reference, here is a link to my upcoming upcoming project: The Inferno.

Thanks everyone!

Good news for me, bad news for you :(

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 26 Nov 2009 04:49

Hey everyone, regrettably I have some bad news for you, while fantastic news for me….

Well it's not all bad news. Actually it's good news if you like playing custom campaigns. Regrettably I will be putting development of Cold Case on an indefinite hiatus. While I won't completely state that I have abandoned the campaign, I will still answer installing questions. This indefinite hiatus is on the extra content I was planning on releasing, (the survival maps, map 6, and covert operations).

Am I just abandoning the project because I'm bored? Absolutely not! The reason I am doing this, is because I just signed a contract with a company, and I have started development on another L4D campaign! Since this is a paid job with a deadline, I will be devoting all of my resources to this new project.

Thank all of you for the massive support you have given me over the months, and HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!

VPK problems

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 16 Nov 2009 15:13

Hey everyone,

Just to keep everyone in the loop, I have tried and failed with attempting to vpk forsaken. All together it is 810MB, and people tend to have vpk problems with anything over 800mb. I will keep trying to vpk the campaign.

Oh valve, and your crazy vpk….

Slowdown, (thank god)

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 12 Nov 2009 16:54

As some of you know, I have entered the slowdown phase after the release of my campaign. All I can say is "thank god". I'm using this time to catch up on a lot of different things, (such as mailing out everyone's t-shirts. Btw if you don't get one, it's because YOU NEVER SENT ME YOUR SIZES!!!). I'm also working with a lot of people I met with GAMEX to prepare my resume/portfolio for distribution. Again, hopefully I can secure a career at some point. By doing so I could probably start on my next project while I bridge the gap, (sadly it would probably be in their game engine, since I want to start building experience for it!!!). But who knows, I have a lot of really awesome ideas for l4d2.

Future steps

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 06 Nov 2009 16:45

Hey everyone,

I would like to thank cold for updating the page. Now that I have a download tab, I can finally start posting news again!!!

7 days, 1 sickness…

Ahh, It is actually quite refreshing to take time off. It's strange, even while I was sick, I still found myself sitting at the computer for long periods of time thinking to myself, "so what am I going to do today". I guess it just becomes standard after 10 months of hard work.

As for reviews, I am fairly pleased with the response. Reputable sites have given my campaign pretty high marks. All of the professional game developers who I have shown my campaign to have also given me some really fantastic feedback. Most of the problems with the campaign are either with people who don't like the game play of the main campaign, (which is followed up by their respect for the length and dedication of the work, and their admiration of the versus campaign), or simply don't know how to select the versus campaign. Even though I could go on and on about how this is a problem with VALVe, as a game developer being seen as a professional, it is my duty to rectify problems myself. That is why I have made a pretty detailed change log due to popular demand;

1- My main goal is to put together my portfolio so I can start sending it off to companies. Getting a job immediately isn't necessary, (since I have at least 5 months to find one), however the goal of my campaign was to build my portfolio, so I might as well spend a week putting it together.

2- Each versus campaign will be separated and distributed as their own campaigns. This will double, (maybe even triple!), the file size, however there have been numerous trolls on steam forums, (please don't start with, "well it's steam forums what did you expect. I will delete your post if you say it"), who don't know how to select map 6, (ones labeled "forsaken"), and play. This also creates a lot of problems for people trying to make a versus server. Uploading a vpk is a lot easier than doing folders. Separating the campaigns was actually an idea I was contemplating within the final week of the campaign, however I didn't want to delay release over something I thought was trivial.

3- I will be focusing most of my remaining dev time on the versus campaigns over the single player. I REALLY don't like how it has received such a mixed response with some posters, and without a team to give it some polish, (lots of complicated entity scripts, game-play tweaks, etc), I don't think it will improve a lot over the versus campaigns. This is a time issue for myself. It takes at least 10X the time to update the storyline campaign over the versus campaigns due to its complexity, and I actually do listen to the criticism. I don't want to leave anybody high and dry. Besides, I need to make "pub friendly" actually mean something :P. The survival maps are also farther back in my mind, because they are also complicated.

Sign up news!

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 31 Oct 2009 16:13


1- This first release of cold case will feature 2 campaigns, and only 15 maps. Even though the rest is done, I didn't think they lived up to what I wanted to do. There has been some confusion with the 6 map campaign issue. I meant a campaign with 6 maps, not 6 campaigns :P.

Sorry guys, I wasn't trying to mislead you. I guess I should have wrote it betterz. Anyways, there is still plenty of game to play. It takes a couple of sittings to beat my content.

2- To join the party, simply join the steam chat. It is located in the steam group's chat. To get to it, simply go to, and select "enter chat room" on the right hand side.

3- Try to be in the room 6:30 at the latest. That way you can form groups to join!

Hope to see all of you there!!!!

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