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1800 in the hole....

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 28 Sep 2009 22:52

Well thanks to the incompetence of TU's teachers, I won't be able to do work study this semester. That means I'm 1800$ more in debt right now. That ALSO means if this event doesn't go off phenomenally I won't have December or January's rent… Just another stresser to pass the days…

Good news is I should have beta 4 of the SINGLE-PLAYER out today for my testers. woopie!

Encore ftw

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 27 Sep 2009 22:18

Good news, my encore presentation went a bit better. I had a nice little turnout of people. Hopefully it will draw a bunch of more people to the release party.

Within the next few days I'm going to try my hardest to create an explosion of news for the campaign. Even though beta 4 is still currently on hold, I have chosen to stop releasing betas, and go for a release candidate. During this time I am focusing on promotion and major bug fixes.

And to everyone who went to the presentation at tigercon: Thanx for the support!

Tigercon... college kids...

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 26 Sep 2009 15:35

Well I just gave my first presentation at Tigercon. I was the first speaker of the day. How did it go you ask?

Well, for the first hour I had a very meaningfull conversation with one of the IT guys in charge of setting up the space. For the last 30 min about 20 people strolled in after hearing me blast zombies. When it was over, I had a new group walk in and ask, "did we miss the presentation?!"

That means I am going to focus everything on the encore presentation. Since it wasn't posted on the itinerary, I am currently printing posters to let people know HEY I'M IN HERE!

bah! I will also try to hunt down a video recorder so everyone online can watch the presentation…

Possbile change to release content

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 24 Sep 2009 15:30

To keep everybody up to date with what I am possibly planning, here is an update on the release content:


This is really a cost and bug issue. Originally I was thinking about marketing the cd's prior to the event, so people who purchase for the online tournament would have a CD they could immediately play. I am considering cutting this. This would increase my dev time 3 weeks, and the last thing I would want to do is give out a buggy campaign that would require immediate patches to download. I haven't come to a decision just yet, (doesn't make a difference really).


If you aren't an internal betatester, you probably haven't heard that CC6 will be released after the release of my campaign. This reduces the number of maps down to 35. This is because I was never able to find a modeler who could help me with the small amount of help I required for this. CC6 will be distributed, (hopefully), a few weeks after the release of the campaign.


I am scrapping the current list of beta release dates due to me being a week behind finishing the content. It won't change the Halloween release date, but betatesters will have to wait a bit longer to get their new versions.


News, Beta4, oh my!

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 22 Sep 2009 02:58

If any of you haven't noticed yet, there is an article on about my campaign. It is short and sweet, however it has given me some fantastic PR for the campaign.

As none of you know, (unless your a tester), beta 4 is still being worked on. Moving has cut my dev time drastically, and I am probably going to be a week behind schedule. At this moment I am still working on the new beta. Good news is that I recruited an army of testers, and they are helping me work out the bugs with the latest version.

This Saturday I am going to be presenting Cold Case at Tiger-Con. It is basically an anime convention they are having, and the person heading it asked me to be a panelist and present my campaign. If you are in the area, I suggest you take a look at the campaign! I will be showing in-game footage, and if possible I will allow peeps to get a first-hand view of the campaign. I will also be going into detail about the release party, GAMEX, and others.

Moving..... Oh my back

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 19 Sep 2009 14:42

Spending the weekend moving to my new town-home. Sadly, since I won't have internet access until Monday, beta 4 will probably be delayed until the middle/end of next week. I apologies for this, however it is extremely difficult to be a full-time student, have a part-time job, AND work full-time on this campaign. God I love having a stairway, and a computer room. Opening both sliding-glass doors to give a nice cross-breeze is so nice in late sep/late oct here in maryland.

There is a gold lining to this however, the new home I am moving in to is less than a mile from my university. Also, my new job is a lab monitor, so I will be able to spend that time working on the campaign, (effectively adding an additional 15-20hrs a week on my dev schedule).

So I think of it a bit more as an investment. By foregoing beta 4 for a few days, I will be able to release gold on time, (or a tit early).

Secondly, I need to get another gaming PC to display my campaign at GAMEX. I am contemplating having a fundraiser to raise funds for the pc. On halloween, I would simply give away the PC as a prize therefore guaranteeing at LEAST 1 gaming PC would be given as a prize to people who register for the event.

GAMEX is a go!

by mrfranswamrfranswa on 15 Sep 2009 14:02

I will be setting up stations at GAMEX, the local gaming expo, ( If you want a hands-on preview of the campaign prior to it's release, head on over and test out the campaign!

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