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Spending the weekend moving to my new town-home. Sadly, since I won't have internet access until Monday, beta 4 will probably be delayed until the middle/end of next week. I apologies for this, however it is extremely difficult to be a full-time student, have a part-time job, AND work full-time on this campaign. God I love having a stairway, and a computer room. Opening both sliding-glass doors to give a nice cross-breeze is so nice in late sep/late oct here in maryland.

There is a gold lining to this however, the new home I am moving in to is less than a mile from my university. Also, my new job is a lab monitor, so I will be able to spend that time working on the campaign, (effectively adding an additional 15-20hrs a week on my dev schedule).

So I think of it a bit more as an investment. By foregoing beta 4 for a few days, I will be able to release gold on time, (or a tit early).

Secondly, I need to get another gaming PC to display my campaign at GAMEX. I am contemplating having a fundraiser to raise funds for the pc. On halloween, I would simply give away the PC as a prize therefore guaranteeing at LEAST 1 gaming PC would be given as a prize to people who register for the event.

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