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If any of you haven't noticed yet, there is an article on about my campaign. It is short and sweet, however it has given me some fantastic PR for the campaign.

As none of you know, (unless your a tester), beta 4 is still being worked on. Moving has cut my dev time drastically, and I am probably going to be a week behind schedule. At this moment I am still working on the new beta. Good news is that I recruited an army of testers, and they are helping me work out the bugs with the latest version.

This Saturday I am going to be presenting Cold Case at Tiger-Con. It is basically an anime convention they are having, and the person heading it asked me to be a panelist and present my campaign. If you are in the area, I suggest you take a look at the campaign! I will be showing in-game footage, and if possible I will allow peeps to get a first-hand view of the campaign. I will also be going into detail about the release party, GAMEX, and others.

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