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All month long during October, I will be releasing new videos and screen shots of the campaign. Also, beginning October 1st, I will be announcing the weekly prize giveaways for those who pre-register for the release parties. By simply signing up online prior to the event, you will have a chance to win some great prizes!

Over the next few days, my betatesters will be uploading numerous new game-play videos. These will show off some more of the unique game play in Cold Case. Over the month of October, I will be going more in dept with the two versus campaigns; Covert Operations, and The Forsaken.

Progress for the campaign is going steadily. Beta 4 was a major success, (in the sense it had some major bugs in it which I quashed). Luckily I immediately followed it with beta 4.1 which fixed these bugs. CCTF is still in development. I am currently on map 4 of the campaign, and expect to have a playable version to my betatesters within the next week or two. Expect to see a lot more screenshots of the two versus campaigns within that time.

Stay tuned for more news updates!

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