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Beta 4.1 CC1: The Prison

The campaign is going swimmingly, and people have been slowly signing up for the release party. I am happy that I have received a lot of positive news around the net. I guess people are not use to developers releasing content WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL!

Betatesters have also given me universal praise for the campaign. I am currently working as hard as I can to quash any bugs or complaints they have about the campaign. Right now, I am hitting an annoying wall with various compiling bugs in CCTF1. I wanted to start the campaign in the early evening, and when the players get to the finale it would be around midnight. Anyways, by doing that I am getting a weird memory error. Not a problem; I always fix bugs in a day or two.

Beta 4.1 CC5: The Source

Each of you who signed up prior to Wednesday will receive this weeks pre-reg prize AUTOMATICALLY! Not only that, but you will receive BOTH THE T-SHIRT AND THE POSTER! I know it's hard to be the first ones to sign up, so here is your reward! I will be messaging each of you directly over the next few days to personally congratulate you. This Sunday I will be posting another news article showcasing the next pre-reg prize!

Again, if you want to learn more about the release party, and the fantastic prizes, just head over to http://cc.l4dmapdb.com/events. To sign up, simply click on the paypal tab, and select whichever you prefer! I am considering upgrading the radeon to the 5000 series since it just came out. Check back in a couple of days so you can find out!

Beta 4.1 CCCO4: Target Acquired


There are a lot of companies that are beginning to express interest in my campaign. One of these is www.CyberGamer.com.au. A premier gaming league over in Australia and I are in talks about possibly holding my versus tournament through their site.

As of right now, I am about 80% sure CCTF and the vs maps will make it into the pre-Halloween release of the campaign. Barring any major bugs, they should be in. The main campaign, and CCCO are already playable. CCCO is just going through some balancing issues, and the main campaign is pretty much finished.

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