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zzz… so tired…

Been up for the past 3 days working like a crazy man trying to finish CCTF. I can easily say that all of my hard work was not in vain!

Cold Case: The Forsaken

You have made it to the dock. The ship is within sight. You are finally able to escape the horror that has swept the land….

Guess again…

When the sight of the ship turning around; not willing to take the risk of rescuing you, your heart falls deep within your stomach. For a second, you abandon all hope. You are forsaken…

Map 1: Forsaken

The rescue vehicle turns away leaving you to die at the mercy of the horde. It is your goal to get back to the safe house as fast as possible!

Map 2: New Hope

You are able to reach another form of rescue via radio. He says he has a helicopter, and he will meet you at the southern end of the prison in 14 hours. It is your job to get there! The only way you can make it on time, is if you take a train to the military outpost, cross the bridge, and make your way to the roof of the prison!

Map 3: Obstacles

You have made it to the military outpost, however the way is barricaded to prevent movement of the infected! You have to open the gate with a generator. There is only one problem: It will enable the alarm for the facility! Hold out until the generator can kick in, and open the gate!

Map 4: Lock-down

The survivors have made it to the prison. It is their goal to get to the roof, and use the radio tower to call in the rescue!

Map 5: Freedom

The survivors have made it to the radio tower located on the roof of the prison. Their goal now? Survive until the rescue helicopter comes!


Here is a list of the pre-registry winners All of the winners will get both a t-shirt, and a poster, (to say double thanks for your support!)

ryan duffing
Thomas Turner
John Goulden
Paul Stephanouk

I will be sending each of you an email shortly! Thanks for the support guys!



Hanover drawing tablet:

This is a basic drawing tablet that was given to me as a christmas present. Honestly, I don't really use it, so I haven't even popped it out of the package. All of the components are there, and is a great prize for anyone doing photoshop art!


Blacksite, Area 51:

This is a used copy of Blacksite, Area 51 I picked up from gamestop. Basic FPS action :P

If you have already paid to be at the party, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED TO WIN THESE PRIZES! If you have won a prize, you will receive it when I do my bulk shipping of the prizes later this month! This way I don't have to waste S&H on numerous packages :)

Sign up friends, get free crap!

To help out all of my loyal fans who are singing up your friends, I have decided to add in another set of prizes. All you need to do is tell your friends to say, "(whoever) signed me up for the event!" in their shipping details. If you have enough people state that, then you can win some of these great prizes:

20 people- 32X64' poster
35 People- Free copy of L4D2
50 People- Internal/External 1TB hard drive
100 People- Radeon 5850 video card

I am sorry for the super large numbers, however I am basically paying out of pocket for these prizes, (you have to remember, these people can still receive the regular event prizes). I am just adding this in as an extra way of saying thanks to everyone who has supported me over this time.

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