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As all of you may know, making a campaign is a LOT of work, especially when you aren't paid to do it! Times that by a campaign that is 2x the length of a valve campaign, 10X versus maps, 10X survival maps, moving to my new home, and putting together this event and you have insanity! I welcome the added stress, because I am doing something I really love. I hope to give all of my fans a gaming experience that is really extraordinary.

The progress of the event is very good. We are currently in the process of recruiting local sponsors. Over the next few weeks I will be finalizing the exact location of the event here at Towson University. As always, the online release party is already finalized. A lot of work has already gone into making this event a reality. As you might already know, there is already a strong fan base growing for this event both at home and on the internet! Over the next few weeks, you can find information about how to sign up for the event right here on the website.

The progress of the campaign is even better! To finish everything at one time, I have began recruiting community mappers to help me balance out the extensive versus campaign. Over the next week I will outline everything that WILL be distributed with the campaign, and what the contents will include. The only cut so far from the initial release is CC6, due to the fact I was unable to find a modeler before the deadline. Fear not however! This will only be content not initially distributed with the CD copy of the game due to be shipped out to pre-register's the first week of October. Any non-included content will be available free of charge on the numerous file sharing sites on the net!

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